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How Wednesday Restaurant app works?

Go to any outlet of your choice, and use the Wednesday Restaurant app camera to click a selfie from inside the outlet! Post the selfie, picture of the bill (dated the same day as selfie) and earn free cashback in Wednesday Restaurant points (upto 100% of the bill value). Please ensure that the selfie & bill are clear.


Cashback may not be credited if one or more of the following conditions are true:

  1. Selfie is unclear.
  2. Selfie does not belong to you.
  3. Selfie was not from inside the outlet.
  4. Selfie is taken from any other device.
  5. Outlet's interior is not clear from the selfie shared.
  6. You have claimed cashback from this outlet earlier in the day.
  1. Bill is unclear / cropped / tampered / punched / handwritten without stamp.
  2. Bill has already been used by someone else or is a duplicate.
  3. Bill is not from the same day.
  4. Bill was not a customer copy/guest's copy.
  5. Bill had a discount from merchant's end / voucher was applied / it was a party-package.
  6. Bill is generated before final payment i.e. Token/ estimated cash memo/counter bills.
  7. Bill is a home-delivery bill.
  8. Bill is not for a purchase made by you at the outlet you have checked-in from.
  1. If you are using multiple accounts or sharing requests from more than one account.
  2. If the request is shared from a locality where we are not yet live.
  3. If our partner merchant has marked you as an store employee/delivery boy.
  1. Cashback is credited to your Wednesday Restaurant wallet, and can be used to redeem McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Hard Rock Cafe, BookMyShow, Flipkart, Myntra, Mobile Recharge and other exciting vouchers!
  2. Your Wednesday Restaurant points will be activated after you claim a successful cashback at a merchant using a valid selfie and bill.
  3. Your Wednesday Restaurant points may expire if there's no activity in your wallet for more than 90 days. This policy is subject to periodic review.

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